Some things are meant to be.

Topping 6', Tess exemplifies a gentle spirit.
Tess Allenby is a very special llama. Intelligent, inquisitive, caring, and considerate, a gentle giant with a compassionate nature. Almost human, she instinctively emanates sensitivity, a concern for delicately entering your space. 
Your life.

Falling in love with Tess changed our lives. Forever.
We made a commitment to life on the farm. Irrevocable.
I never looked back. Ever.

Some friendships last forever.

As the herd grows, their friendship endures.
Rev and Tess were born 18 days apart and grew up as best friends. We wanted to keep that relationship intact. Rev is a fun-loving girl who would prefer to sun in the grass followed by a dirt bath than to enter a show ring. Well, perhaps for performance. She is a talker full of antics that delight and entertain. I could watch her for hours. She might be pregnant (hoping), bringing Pine Hill Llamas its first cria, sired by the famous Eskelaro.

Sometimes wishing on a star works.

Our Canadian Guardian Angel
Miss Cierra's legendary sire, The Canadian, is a bloodline famous for producing guard llamas. The Canadian's reputation for elegance, bone, substance, sound confirmation plus a free and fluid way of moving was Miss Cierra's inheritance. She entered our life as a loaner llama, someone to watch over the yearlings and help them mature. Properly. She found her forever home. Of all our llamas, she is my students' favorite. Her tri-colors are beautiful; her top line perfect. Her strut is queenly. She is, without a doubt, the alpha llama.  Watchful and wise elegance personified. Our guardian angel.

Sometimes a llama picks a parent.

Mickey loved her. Almost a yearling, her gentleness filled our hearts.
She was for sale to the right person. A big girl with a bigger heart and the best disposition. Fiber softer than llama breath, Etcetera is an Eskelaro offspring. At two years, she is the largest llama in our herd. Well over 6'. Call me biased, but she has the most beautiful face. In summer's sun, she is a red-head against the Blue Mountain. When our vet met her, he was almost daunted by her size, but her gentle nature prevailed. He fell in love.

Sometimes a celebration is in order.

Maria with her breeder, Carol Reigh, Buck Hollow Llamas
When my cancer result was a life sentence, I celebrated by purchasing They Call The Wind Maria. Like the song that lingers in memory, Maria remains unforgettable. Buttery-soft fiber, a huggable disposition, and a talker. Non-stop. I wunk wunk back with her and we hold amazing conversations. Her full brother, BHLF Gusty, embodied the triple crown: fiber, performance, and halter champion. Maria is following in his footsteps, placing first and Grand in her first show. We are working on performance with this girl.

Sometimes you know a good thing when you see it.

She has my heart. Handles beautifully. If there were an off-halter class, she would win.
SP, short for Stimulus Package, is an absolute sweetheart, just like her mother. A trusting disposition and a willingness to be handled, hugged, and loved, she has her sire, Next Generation's presence. First to meet and greet me every day, SP poses to say hello and give hugs. For as long as you wish to stay, her time is your time. Gentle, kind, patient, SP has love to spare. After watching her for a day at the Open Barn, being walked and handled by everyone, I told Carol she was sold.

About Our Llamas

Tess, RJ, Rev, Carol and Doug Reigh
All of our llamas were bred by Carol Reigh of Buck Hollow Llamas, Inc. Finding her transformed our lives, unknowingly, when we met at the PAEM Fiber Festival in Harford, PA. A year later, we received an invitation to her Open Barn. I wanted to purchase a rug and more fiber. We did both. And more.

Because of inquiries, we mention that our llamas are not available for purchase.