Friday, February 13, 2009

A Place Between

If happiness is somewhere between too little and too much, is life a place between catching up and being in the moment. Just reflecting how having "the girls" has grounded my life, bringing me back to center, to a place between, where contentment and living a good life come with simple daily pleasures. When the girls arrived, I had planned to begin this blog, a digital journey of learning llamas. Nearly 4 months later, the reflection begins, and curiously, I do not feel the need to catch up. Rather, just to begin, continue, fulfill, enjoy. And that is due, in large part, to my breeder.

Meet Carol Reigh. If you are a member of PLAA or GALA, then you already know Carol, because she moves fluidly between both organizations, administrating and organizing annual conferences, signing speakers for meetings and events, championing llama and alpaca research, improving bloodlines, showing in breed and fiber classes, writing journal articles, finding new and green uses for scrap fiber, and husbanding new owners into the world of cameloids.

As we entered that world, we did so with confidence, secure in knowing that fate, fortune, or guardian angels working overtime guided us to Carol and her husband. The care you give to animals always reflects within them, and the three girls that we purchased from Carol came with loving personalites from a beautiful bucolic setting. Given the best of care, they give the best of all that llamas can offer to their new parents.

Life on a farm gives daily life lessons, and I have learned so much. Here are some my life lessons from learning llamas:
  1. Living what you love is never work; rather, it is a pure joy.
  2. Whatever care and love I give, I get back even more.
  3. Happiness is contagious, especially at mealtime.
  4. Manners matter.
  5. Simple pleasures abound in daily routines done well.
Had I not met Carol and her llamas, I would have spent this weekend at NAIMUN, four days with a dear friend and colleague and 16 students. I would have loved the trip. Instead, I loved even more the peace and quiet of a stolen day at the farm with the girls. Even more, spending the weekend with my husband, stolen days away from the shop, just to be us, together.

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