Sunday, May 24, 2009


There's always a back story to an event, and mine is the great help I have in two friends who work on the farm on a regular basis. Without them, the farm just wouldn't look as good. Before I began working on our land, I often wondered why so many landscapes in the country looked so neglected. Then I learned just how much effort, strength, diligence, and time it takes to keep a property crisp. I've been working on the farm for at least a decade, taming the wilderness, crawling like I'm in the military through undergrowth to remove it, spending 12 and 13 hour days "at it." And it has been worth it. But teaching, keeping a farm, and raising llamas made help necessary. I've got the very best, highly overqualified help, and they are my good friends too. I'm glad the boss is joining us today, just to relax and enjoy all the beauty he has created.

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