Monday, May 4, 2009

Before and After

You know it's springtime in llamaland when it's time to clip your critters. Fortunately for me and my girls, I am once again in great hands with Carol Reigh, my breeder. One phone call from Carol, and Tabbethia Haubold from Yaphank, NY, had us on her list. I must admit I was nervous beyond my norm; it was raining with a vengeance, the girls were not spic and span, and I was leaping once again into the unknown. Of course the girls were clipped before, but wondering what to expect and how it would go had me bothered. As it turned out, the girls were troupers and Tabbethia the consummate professional.

Nothing, however, prepared me how how funny (as in strange) they would look when they had their haircuts. As you can see, the Queen, our guard llama, is lying down on the job.

The Princess in a before photo, is waiting to be let back into the paddock. Given a choice, this lady would follow me into the house and gladly kush down and sleep by my side. If ever a llama was a soulmate, this one is the it girl. I love the softness of her fiber and the sense of delicacy that define her features. She is already a big girl with a refined look and she isn't finished growing, on her way to being one sophisticated lady.

Every group has a Miss Congeniality, and this girl reminds me of Sandra Bullock's portrayal in the movie Miss Congeniality. Like Bullock's character, this girl walks (and runs) just about as gracefully as Bullock's first entrance after her make-over. She is a chow hound whose growth continues horizontally, but we love her, even in her very blond moments.

Life on a farm is always as busy as you make it, and judging from the scarcity of after photos (they are coming), I've been busy indeed, getting ready for the opening of the picnic-at-the-farm-season. Now if only J8 USA would post its finalists...

Turbo Tagger

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