Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beyond a Barn Blessing

My father always said that when you have your health, family, and the love and respect of your friends, then you have great wealth indeed. Like my husband, my father was always more right than wrong, so I try to pay heed. To the teachings of my father, I merely add a thankfulness for the blessings good people add to our lives. On Sunday, we were surrounded by good friends and family, and although some of our dearest friends could not attend, nonetheless, I felt blessed. Perhaps that's because we were quite literally blessed by Father Homer. At Christmas, I had asked Father if sometime this summer at a picnic, he could bless the barn and my animals. If you are a Catholic, and if your environs are this area and northward, then you understand the ritual of blessing livestock. But, as you will notice in Father Homer's blessing, his invocation went beyond a barn blessing.

Into all our lives some magic moments, snippets of perfection, enter. Children always add a special touch, and that came from our youngest guest (but we'd love to adopt him), Jacob, age 2, through our grandchildren, Ben, Meredith, and Zoe in elementary school to our grandchildren Kennie and Ashley who are graduating high school seniors, and pre-schooler daughters of dear friends. When you have the good fortune to experience a perfect day, as my husband and I did Sunday at our picnic at The Farm, then life, happiness, and all things bright and beautiful enter our lives and linger in our memories forever.

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