Friday, May 22, 2009

A BHLF Baby, Maybe?

Nothing spells love better than llamas, or at least two of mine. I cannot take all the credit, though, because they were raised with loving kindness and tender care by Carol Reigh, my breeder at Buck Hollow Llamas in Birdsboro, PA. Yesterday, she came to The Farm to take our guard llama for breeding. Since it may be her last breeding (or two?), I am hoping that it "takes." Carol said she was overweight (a condition of existence at the farm; what isn't...) and that might be a factor. Guess I will be learning llamas for a long time (and the blog name becomes daily more appropriate). But the two yearlings+ are bundles of joy and crave hugs and kisses because they were Carol's breeding (guard llama was an import, not her breeding). You will see that in the Animoto video below.

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