Saturday, June 20, 2009

Return to Forksville

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Forksville, PA is many things: photogenic, really rural, and a closely-knit small community in Sullivan County that nestles along (literally) the Loyalsock Creek. If we did not own our farm, we would definitely be looking to relocate to this quaint village that time has blissfully forgotten. Echoes of the theme song from Cheers resonate in this tiny place where in one multi-purpose store "everyone knows your name."

Because the ride to and from Forksville offers so many untrodden vistas, we return often; it's almost like having a secret place from childhood, or like stashing hidden and forbidden chocolate. Not too many people (or vehicular traffic) accompanies you to this treasure, so perhaps I should not write about it to keep it that way. We have several return dates on our calendar for county events, since the fairgrounds is only steps away from Forksville's operating covered bridge.

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One of the many picturesque delights is the view of the Loyalsock from the back of the store which doubles (or perhaps triples) as a restaurant and local nightclub. Big Mike's by the water is just a pristine place untouched (well almost) by tourists. We often arrive after lunch and too early for the dinner show (Mike's band entertains 3 times a week), so we get take-out (real home-cooked food) and dine at one of the picnic benches. You might ask why, with our own place as pleasant as it is, we venture to other locales, and the answer is simple: we are used to taking 300-mile rides and think nothing of it to travel that far in a day. We have our "rides," and Forksville is a favorite.

But equally delightful about this ride is its ability to take us on a journey through agrarian America on Route 54. Some of the images captured on the Animoto reflect the untouched but I fear vanishing countryside. So, why this post on my llama blog; another simple answer. The goats you see will likely make their way to the farm this summer to give the girls something to guard. The goat lady said she would welcome my having them on my farm, so it's only a matter of time (and a way to get them home; have the truck sans trailer). And there are always the goats two farms over, as this mountain's sayings go.


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