Monday, June 22, 2009

Twitter, Everyone?

This post might seem very strange for a llama blog, but today's visit from Carol Reigh reminded me this might not be such a bad idea. At a GALA 2010 meeting at Buck Hollow Llama Farm, a group of impressively great women continued early planning for the next GALA. I was new to the team, pulled out my laptop, and began taking notes on Google Docs, while I Twittered away and multi-tasked. Because I wanted to contribute something, I mentioned that I could (eventually) put GALA 2010 on Facebook and well as make a Twitter account for the event. Nothing like reaching out to your social networks. But I soon realized that they were mavens on llamas and organizing conferences (not to mention knowing everyone in llamas and alpacas globally), but newer to creating a professional (llama and alpaca) social network online. So, girls, this one's for you, a repost of the PA DEN blog and Changing Connections. What I loved: Carol jumped into the Twitterverse and made an account. I'm hoping that we llama ladies can begin to communicate online soon.

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With (almost) everyone twittering these days, and with the short countdown to DEN's LC Institute and DEN's Pre-NECC Birthday Party, it seems like a good time to remind educators and technology integrators of several great resources, just in time for the tech festivities. You might want to check out the PB Twitter4Teachers Wiki. Created by Gina Hartman, this wiki helps educators find people with similar interests. Judging from my inbox, this wiki has frequent flyer status.

In case you are new to Twitter, you can check out this great instructional video in "Plain English" from the folks at Common Craft.

If, like me, you are not the best searcher, especially on Twitter, Twitter Search is for just for you (and me).

If you are a fan of Common Craft productions, you can follow them on Twitter, sign up for email updates, or use RSS with your favorite reader.

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