Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Cria In Our Future

Today we took a short ride to visit Cierra at Buck Hollow Llama Farm, where she was bred. As always, it was good to see her. Unlike humans, llamas don't really show their pregnancy almost until they are ready to give birth. It was wonderful to see Carol and Doug and spend some time with them, however brief. Carol's knowledge is expansive, so a Q & A session is always a part of visiting. We had a lovely time, even though it was brief (our doing, never their hospitality which is boundless). I miss Cierra and am anxious for her to return.

Turbo Tagger


  1. Mother thinks you should name Cierra's offspring "Jeannie." I think "Ginger" would be nice.

  2. I believe we need a name that begins with a Z, since the cria will be a Zepher baby. Or perhaps a C for Cierra. I forget how the naming goes with registered llamas, so both suggestions are out for a first name, but not a second, as in your full name and mine.