Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's A Dog's Life

When my brother, David, nudges me to post on this blog, I know I have been absent a while. If you are a tech person, you know how busy January and February are, with the DEN SciCon, DEN PreCon, Leadership Council meetings, webinars, EdTechConnect, and then there's getting ready to present at PETE&C with my colleague, Jennifer Brinson (I'd link to her professional wiki--it's awesome but still protected). And then there's school--always busy. But I just finished reading Traci Blazoski's post on "Managing Life" on the PA DEN Blog, and decided to manage my life a bit better. I took a well needed break (to blog for R&R).

I've been wanting to get my dog a great bed for months, and a week or two ago, we ordered one from LL Bean, that 54" large size with orthopedic foam, the one the man on the phone said, "You must really love your dog..." Turns out it is a really great bed. If ever I were sent to the doghouse (I'm threatened from time to time with the barn), I would want this dog bed in it. I waited for days for the bed to arrive. Dog got a bath, grooming, nails clipped--the doggie spa works before she set foot on the bed that was, well, extravagant. Was it Burns' poem about the best laid plans...

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