Saturday, April 17, 2010

Down Home on The Farm

Last week exactly, I saw these lovely creatures down the road apiece, as we locals say. Which means that any random distance within a mile or walkable is a fair-game measurement. Mickey and I argued about the species. I said duck and he said wild turkey or turkey vulture. There were many in an old corn field, and they were eating happily. This week, I saw them again, and this time they provided a perfect photo op.

Definitely ducks. Still, mystery surrounds them. What kind are they? Are they free range? Did they escape confinement or range out of bounds? They were too tame and too accustomed to people to be wild critters. My guess is that they will nest in the pond and provide yet another season of ducklings. Guess I will have to take the llamas for a walk down home on the farm so they can see them too, especially since they are quite at home with the bird that nests in the paddock, soon to hatch her young. Plentiful peaceful pastures ~ that's life on the farm.

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