Saturday, May 15, 2010

Best In The Barn

She will never win a best in show, but when it comes to the best overall cat and best in the barn, Allie Cat wins hands down and thumbs up. Allie is a rescue via my thoroughbred horse breeder friend Carol (3 Carols in my life). I wanted to rescue a cat that would live a fabulous life in our very large two-story barn. No takers. Shelters want all their cats to live indoors. I welcomed their visit to the farm to see where this cat would live. No takers. You need to know that Allie Cat has 2 big fur coats as bedding, had 3 different types of beds, and in winter, she is never cold because I make a hay igloo where she sleeps and stays remarkably warm, even when temperatures fall into the minus category. Fans in summer, great food, lots of love.

So I called Carol and she found me Allie, who had lived in a cage for 7 months in a no-kill shelter. Being left to do her thing in a big barn must seem like heaven. Food and water 24/7. Many house cats do not live so well. By choice, she NEVER leaves the barn, occasionally venturing to the concrete pads, but never farther. Our work crew is amazed at how friendly she is and her staying power. She is a great mouser, and a really great cat. Llama protector. Best in the barn, easy keeper. Gotta love her!

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  1. She is a truly lucky cat and you are lucky to have her. Glad you didn't shear her like the girls! Wonderful pairing putting the two of you - and everyone else - together!

  2. Could not find a place to post on "Wrong Again," so I will do so here. What a crazy day of shearing you had. Also quite ambitious blogging today.