Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ducks Unlimited

Ducks, according to my husband, will never land in our pond because it is too small. Since I tend to think on a grand scale, I certainly thought our pond was big enough for a pair of ducks or even geese, maybe two. Mickey said nope, and when the man says nope, that's code for his mantra, right again.

When you live with a man who is always right, nothing will give you greater pleasure than proving him wrong. Picture perfect is this snamshot of a mating pair of ducks swimming idly in our holding pond.

His thinking is well rooted; ducks like being unlimited in their fear-and-flight pattern. We have three areas surrounding the large pond and the holding pond with plantings and a naturalized landscape. Since the man is right about many things, this one faux pas will likely not even register on his wrong meter. But he is right about one thing: none of our animals ever move or get out of our way. They do not because they clearly know that no harm will come to them. So they stay put and we jump hoops around them. Guess that's true even for the wildlife.

Just could not resist a second photo which will indelibly prove my point. And his response will be: even a blind cow finds a blade of grass. Ah, well, the moment is fun nonetheless.
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