Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Countdown to a Cria

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Miss Cierra is officially due to give birth tomorrow. But as I have learned, she could have her baby up to 3 weeks late. That would put me into higher anxiety in one way ~ the waiting is difficult because I do not know exactly what to expect. But in another way, a could put her birth on a weekend, or even after school's end (June 21). Either way, all I hope and pray for is a healthy cria, and a girl would be great. And if she delivers when I am not around, I pray the other girls give Cierra and her cria some space, since I am not too sure how to configure that, given the paddock arrangement. Perhaps tomorrow I'll think of something.

A week ago, I would have told you she was ready, based on how she was acting. Staying in nights, becoming sedentary, being alone, as if looking for privacy for delivery all signaled, I though, a coming cria. But the past few days, she was back to her more usual self, and I stopped my late night visits to the barn to check. Only time and patience will tell. This will be her last breeding, so all I hope for is an easy time for her, and a healthy cria.
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