Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Down the Road Apiece"

I love my dog but she is aging, and one of the long-range projects under consideration, beyond retirement, is the addition of a second dog. The idea is to have this dog actually live with the llamas, although I know I will break down and bring it indoors--right away. Nevertheless, the plan is, at the very least, to have a dog that is user-friendly with the llamas. A back and forth and up and down and to and from the house to barn and vice-versa. You get the idea. To that end, I have been researching breeds that might work with llamas, who view dogs as mortal enemies. So, how do you protect livestock and the dog simultaneously, knowing that most likely, the llamas really do not need protecting. I just might have found my answer on Karen Brant's Great Pyrenees Community GPC Ning (I joined). Think I found my answer?

I found Karen through an attribution on a post from Teri Conroy's Times Union Farmlife blog. I love her videos and exploration of life on Wunsapana Farm, as in a magical place once upon a time...and I learn from her. She has an assortment of animals, many of them rescues, and they all interact together just fine. That's my goal, down the road, plus or minus a year. See what I can do in my spare time on a Sherwood Anderson "Stolen Day." But the aha question: can I sustain it for the rest of my non-teaching life. Hmmmm....

Next fun thing I got to check off my mental to-do list that has lingered for a year, along with the rest of the items on this post, was creating a Creative Commons license for my 3 blogs. None of these endeavors are hard, just time consuming, and free time is usually not my friend. I retooled my attribution, so all the older licenses were null and void. I also added a much-needed Disclosure Policy and a Privacy Policy. Two blogs done and one to go. Adding a Blogger logo was good PC window dressing. And I am proud of the platform, although I am liking the networking on TimesUnion.

Next on the list was an "About" page. Thinking it would be a snap to retool my professional aka teaching profile, that's what I did. But after reading Teri's "About Farmlife," I realized that down the road, maybe next week, I would need to create blog specific "abouts." Two of them, since this one will work for Changing Connections, although it will likely disappear when I retire. Soon. How soon is soon? As they say in my neck of the woods, "down the road apiece."

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