Monday, June 28, 2010

The Girls Arrived!

The girls arrived Monday, after being stopped in a traffic jam on Rt. 176 for way too long. Good news: they didn't need belly and leg hosing. Already haltered, we led them in the barn through a huge door. Maria led the way, with SP following, not as sure. Both have silky soft fiber that rivals and I think exceeds Tess. SP, short for Stimulus Package (Mickey will not like her real name) is tri-colored with a white/black/brown face, and her coat is dominantly brown. So soft. Equally soft with to-die-for-fiber, Maria, short for her registered name, They Call the Wind Maria, (father Zephyr, so makes sense) is a solid brown. If you're not familiar with the song from Paint Your Wagon, take a look--images are beautiful.

Both girls have amazing personalities; they let you hold them, pet them, move them about. They will be the first two girls I take for a morning walk tomorrow to the shaded pond side where I've let the crab grass grow so they will have a munching treat at the end of their short trek. If you are a hobbyist, rather than a business woman, then you choose your herd differently. I have always chosen temperament, and if the pet happens to be beautiful, the beauty is a bonus. Without temperament, you have just another pretty face.

Carol (Reigh) was wonderful, as usual, with integrating the girls into their new life. The newbies already had been weighed and had their 3 shots before they arrived, so Carol had only to bathe them. We put them by themselves in one stall, and let our other 4 meet-and-greet from the other side of a stall door. Of course, the girls were delighted to see Carol again, totally excited, and each of them greeted her. It is so hard not to have a favorite, because each girl has something very special about her. But Tess is always the one to nuzzle up, and she definitely has that 1st place in my heart.
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