Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gold Is Where You Find It!

Last Saturday found us at a Barnes and Noble, in the Starbucks niche, sipping and reading. Always we select a few magazines that appeal and sometimes we even buy them. So it was with MaryJanesFarm. It is an eclectic mix and a busy, if not cluttered website in magazine format, and I think it's the look she's trying to achieve--and she's succeeding. For someone like me who likes a clean lean look, I just kept mousing over the E-zine and found gold.

What appeals to me is the organic approach to whole living, and the motto, It's not where you live, but how you live. Hence, the oxymorons abound: city farmgirl, suburban farmgirl, rural farmgirl, and ranch farmgirl. Lifestyles and blogs. Photoblogs, actually. Nicely done snippets. Ranch is my pick; it's the closest to farm life as it is really lived.

If you click on meet MaryJane in the upper right hand corner, you will find some truly delightful video clips. And you will get to the heart of her website and its many options. The images evoke a time past, reminiscent of holding your grandmother's hand when you could barely reach it. Or riding the lead cow, always a Bessie in the herd, with the bell. It is a romantic walk in the past, with safe, beautiful, life-enhancing products and ideas. It is a time past we try to evoke.

Most of all, the magazine and website is almost transcendentally a small step into the past, to a way of life I remember, to memories I treasure, to a simpler, gentler life. As a commercial venture, I would rate MaryJanesFarm as one of the best. A creative connection to a place where every woman has a story and some of them get to told. A gentle read, a life remembered, a past found. A slow Saturday at Starbucks. Gold is where you find it.

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