Friday, July 9, 2010

3 Days + 3 Things = Relief

3 Days:

2 100 degree days + 1 day of 98 degrees = 3 days of horrendous weather for the girls. When I took this photo, it was 8 AM and 92 degrees and climbing, 3 days ago. Almost unbearable, but the girls were troopers. Instinctively, they know what to do. As their keeper, I just needed some common sense and followed their lead. And I did what Carol Reigh taught me. It worked.

3 Things (I Learned):
  1. I learned I can hose the girls without help; at some point they just got used to the hosing and liked it. I'm not so sure I did. Exhausted, checking every 45 minutes, changing water, hosing. 3 showers a day. The heat got to me. Fortunately, it did not harm the girls.
  2. Getting the perfect length hose and an incredible hose fixture made keeping the girls cool and calm easy.
  3. Teri Conroy multitasks. How she does everything and can take photos and make movies while doing so still escapes me. I'm working on it.

Given enough time to think an idea through and a quick text to the best team leader and crew, Michael and Harold, I (or rather they) can fix anything that broken. I promised my girls they would NEVER suffer through another heat spell like the one this week. And I delivered. Or rather, Michael and Harold did. 3 heavy duty ACs, 2 installed and 1 waiting in the wings = 3 ways to spell RELIEF!

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