Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Happy Dog

Playing with Julie's favorite toy, freshly washed.
Allie is a happy dog. Everyone who has met her describes her the same way ~ a happy dog. She has found love, attention, many daily walks, car rides, playing in the pond. Baths always follow, and sometimes it's hard to tell if she likes the pond or baths better. I hate that I have to leave her behind when I go back to school tomorrow, but you can be sure I'll hurry home and give her and our llamas my undivided attention. I'm ready to go back, just the normal reluctant, as you can imagine. Leaving so much happiness behind.
Allie and Maggie, fine friends at last.
The best thing about having chosen a Lab is the trait of the breeds: they love everyone. Allie is the FIRST dog that actually loves my husband and gives him attention. A lot of attention. She waits for him to come downstairs. She's with him when he puts his work shoes on. She has learned the wait command when he feeds her. And while it sounds like I'm out of the picture, not. She is one little girl who has enough love to share, and I'm just loving her so much. Thanks, Peggy, for breeding this wonderful dog, and for advertising her so honestly. She is all you said, and more. So happy to have her. A perfect choice for us.
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