Thursday, August 26, 2010

High Tech Llamas?

A Special Farm Visit from RJ Stangherlin on Vimeo.

Fun day. Interesting watching people out of their element. What happens when 3 super techies meet llamas. High tech llamas? Enjoy the two videos.
Dorman and SP
Anyone who knows me understands my sense of privacy with the farm. It's our retreat and we don't do guests often. But Teri Conroy of Wunsapana Farm opens her farm and her heart often for llama walks. So I decided to take the plunge. August 20 (as Alice said, "behinder and behinder" I am on blogging) was a first. First time Jennifer Dorman visited the farm, and first time I invited two former students. Dorman spends most of her life lately in the air. She is one of Discovery Education's popular presenters, the original tech guru, and definitely my mentor. Learned a lot rubbing elbows at conferences and DEN events. And she's a dear friend.

Megan, Mark, and Maria
Megan and Mark were exceptional students in every way. The were light years ahead of most students with their tech integration and together we learned and taught. It was a unique approach to learning, ahead of its time, much like what Chris Lehman has positioned at SLA, just on a totally mini scale. Megan and Mark presented often, for the Salisbury Township School District, School Board, and Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21. They were so professional in their CFF presentation, they were taken for student teachers, which is what they were. Megan said she often wondered why I wanted llamas, and after her visit, she understood.

That Special First Visit from RJ Stangherlin on Vimeo.

(I apologize for looking so awful; my dog had just died and I wasn't sleeping well and it shows.)
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