Friday, August 27, 2010

O Happy Day

Loves the water. No surprises here.
Allie was waiting for someone who didn't care she was small. She was waiting for some who wanted a really good dog. At 9 months, she was the last of her litter to leave. She was a kennel dog, so EVERYTHING is new to her. All the time.
Taking time to smell each flower. Really!

For Allie, life is now one continuous surprise, an exploration of what is possible. She revels in each new exploration, looking to me for guidance. Over the (many) years, I have learned that whether you rescue an older dog or begin with a puppy, what you do in the first 48 hours will remain an imprint forever. So I have taken great pains to give Allie an enriched life. And that will not end in 2 days.

The newness of discovery.
She just won't take no for an answer.
Yesterday we did so much. We took 20 minute browsing walks, leisurely letting Allie chose her opportunities to scent, smell, look about, chose her pathways. So many good things to learn about on a farm; for a dog like reading the Times Union.

Best of all, she loves Mickey, and that very fact is the cause of so much deep and abiding laughter. Mickey wants Allie to be attentive to her, and that is NOT a problem for her. But Mickey does not want to be licked. Problem. Allie's a lover and a licker. Mickey hates to be wet. Allie love Mickey, so she licks him. Lots. What's so funny is Mickey's comments. The unprintable are funner, but things like I'm rusting away. The watch won't work. I want to eat that fruit. It's like getting a bath. And he loves every minute of it. So do I. So does Allie. O happy day!
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