Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A truly sweet noble good dog. Rest in peace. You were so loved. 
I so thought she would make it, work past what crippled her. But she didn't. And she tried so hard. We tried so hard. Perhaps I should give up rescuing animals; they never seem to spend enough time with us when we rescue older pets. Four years was too short. But great years, wonderful memories. Julie was our first dog that we could allow to be with children. She was gentle but protective, a difficult combination to find. Impossible to replace. Heartbroken. Such a huge loss. Tess and SP consoled me through my tears. Not a surprise that SP just reached up and put her head next to me on my shoulder and hugged. She nuzzled my tears. She understood.

God bless all of you for your kind messages, help, advice, and especially for just being there for us. It was a difficult journey and I am so glad we had you with us on the way. My heart goes out to all of you who have lost animals during what has been a hard summer.

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  1. Losing a beloved pet is so hard. Take time to grieve and remember all the wonderful days.