Thursday, November 11, 2010

1000+ Miles: Marcello Aba, DVM, Ph.D. at GALA 2010

Marcelo Aba & Anita Collins
Dr. Aba hails from 400 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he traveled over 1000 miles to be a featured presenter at The Magic of Llamas GALA 2010 Conference. An international expert in llama studies, Dr. Aba is Dean of Faculty, Veterinary School of the University of Guenos Aires, Tandil, Argentina. His specialty is reproductive physiology, and he is working as a member of an agriculture extension team with indigenous peoples of the Andes to improve llama and alpaca reproduction and management.
I had the pleasure of dining with Dr. Aba and GALA Co-Chair Anita Collina, Ph.D. It was a magical evening, sharing cultures and recipes, discussing llama research. What an education and a truly amazing experience.
Dr. Aba graciously shared his presentation resources.

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