Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Temple Grandin at GALA 2010: A Look at the Emotional Lives of Animals

Mark, Temple Grandin, and Carol
When Temple Grandin presented A Look at the Emotional Lives of Animals at The Magic of Llamas GALA 2010, she really became an integral part of the event. She was so much more than our keynote speaker. She became a part of the conference, part of the magic of the weekend. When she arrived Friday evening, after John Graham worked his magic, Grandin wove her own as she introduced the movie of her life that won 5 Emmy Awards.

Temple Grandin on Temple Grandin, The Movie from RJ Stangherlin on Vimeo.

Saturday morning, you could find Grandin, like Friday, where the llamas were. Not only did she participate in Llamas 101, but she referenced several times in her keynote address the trainer who did such a great job. She joined the events while being our main event.

I was responsible for Grandin's tech setup, so imagine my horror when I inserted her CD in my computer (the designated laptop was still in use in another venue) and it froze. The disc would not eject. Sweating bullets. Temple to the rescue. She asked for and got a paper clip, effortlessly retrieving her presentation. As long as I live, I will never forget her graciousness throughout, the wealth of her knowledge, and how much fun she was! A part of the magic, from talking with people wherever she was, in the lunch line, with the llamas, dining, the auction. Such a presence. Such magic.

Here's her keynote, downloaded from the Olympus WS-600S donated by Peter Rysko, Publisher, International Camelid Quarterly. The full text of Grandin's speech will appear in the next issue of CQ, along with an article written by conference co-chair, Carol Reigh.

Grandin graciously also shared her PowerPoint.

Temple Grandin: A Look at the Emotional Lives of Animals

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