Saturday, January 15, 2011

From A Picture Window...A Snapshot of Farmlife

Picture Perfect Dream Come True
I always wanted to live on a farm. Always. It just took me a while to achieve my lifelong dream, to look out my window and see my animals in my backyard. Let me tell you nothing is more fulfilling, nothing brings more happiness than working hard to achieve a dream and then have it come true. Definitely blessed. Totally grateful.

Through our picture window, I see my world in microcosm. Almost everything that matters in my life (except school) is right here on The Farm. Everyday, when I look through this window, I give thanks to God for His Blessings. And I thank my husband for making it all possible.

Cat to my left
Cat on my lap
Usually at my feet on the bed
Saturday is my favorite day. We all sleep in. Life begins when Mickey awakens; until then, we keep the house in lockdown quiet, since weekdays my alarm rings at 4:30 AM. Today is R&R day; I get to catch up on posting to my 4 blogs, or at least make a dent. Calm sets in and the stress of the week dissipates. Is life on the farm idyllic. Nope. But it's the life I have always and will always want. Living your dream is not something everyone gets to do, but I have always been aggressive about living not existing, and getting there and not settling. And that, I think, sheer determination, is at the heart of achieving that picture perfect window.

Life in harmony

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