Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CAMELIDynamics 1-Day Clinic in Harrisburg PA Coming Soon

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Email is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to find when you open your inbox. This morning I was pleasantly surprised by a notice of a one-day Camelidynamics clinic in Harrisburg, PA. But if that is not your home base, the entire year's schedule is listed for presentations throughout the country. The presenter is Marty McGee Bennett and the date to reserve is April 7, 2011. As of this posting, seats are still available. If you wish to contact the presenter, her information is listed below.

Email, call or visit, for additional clinic information and registration forms.

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For Marty's year-round schedule, look below.
Marty's Complete 2011 Clinic Schedule

2-Day Basics
Texas (March 26-27)
Canada (April 30-May1)
(Regina, Saskatchawan)

Canada (May 28-29)
(Near Montreal, Quebec)

Oregon (June 18-19)
Wisconsin (June 25-26)
Vermont (July 30-31)
Switzerland (Sept 3-4)
Germany (Sept 10-11)
Ohio (Oct 8-9)
New Mexico (Oct 22-23)
California (Nov 5-6)

4-Day Advanced*
Vermont (June 3-6)

Oregon (July 10-13)
Vermont (August 5-8)

England (Sept 16-19)

1-Day Basics
Pennsylvania (April 7)
From perusing Marty's website, I feel very comfortable in suggesting these events; I may even join the Guild.

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