Sunday, March 20, 2011

You know it's spring when...

Retailers generally favor DST. United Cigar St...Image via WikipediaMy Top Ten, although any one would be a sure sign.

Check out the short video below (especially Brandi).

10. A rough week adjusting to Daylight Savings Time.
9.  Even our dog is waking up at 3 AM thinking it's 4.
8.  My husband has a spring cold; I'm battling one too.
7. I'm riding around in the golf carts again.
6. The residual effects of spring flooding and erosion are everywhere.
5. We'll have lots of firewood if we decide to use our alternative stove next winter.
4. The girls and Golden are spending all but grain feeding time in the pastures.
3. It's time to move the garbage bins (dust bins as UK says) off the porch.
Check out the "paddle."
2. You can hear the woodpeckers wrecking yet another tree.
1. Michael and company arrive with smiles on their faces, ready to tackle my "short list" (which I always think is reasonable but never is).

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