Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chickens in the Attic

Chickens--definitely in my farm future
Definitely not urban agriculture
In another life, one of my best friends raised chickens. We lived in a typical small town neighborhood in Historic Bethlehem, PA, and my friend's family owned the concession stands at Willow Park. I loved the park because it had, bar none, the biggest ever swimming pool. Even the country clubs couldn't touch it. Today the park is a memory, plowed over and under for, how ironic, a construction company.

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OK, I'm getting to the heart of the story. I used to hear strange noises when I visited at my friend's home. One day I summoned my nerve and asked her what was upstairs (reluctant to ask--figured mice or something awful like that, although that didn't figure, given the neighborhood). Turns out it was chickens. Which brings me to the chicken debate in Albany. I don't know the mayor, but my sense of things is so simple: chickens belong on a farm or outside of a city. Not inside. If I lived in our Parkway home, given we have more land than a more tightly packed neighborhood, lots are larger...I would not raise chickens, nor would I want my neighbors to either.

Definitely in my farm future--but beige.

We live in a culture that has a level playing field mentality. I just don't buy it. City homes and country homes have different purposes, which is why we have both. Truly, I do not want to lose my NY friends on Facebook, but from personal experience, I just do not think people should be permitted to raise chickens in a city environment. For me, urban agriculture is an oxymoron. Not the hill I'm dying on, either, but if a city dweller near me started with chickens, I'd be at city hall complaining, first thing. Sorry, Teri. Love you lots, but not this cause. When I retire, I plan on raising chickens; even found the chicken coop of my dreams (but it must be beige). But the chickens will free-range on the farm, not in our city home.
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