Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remembering A Second Mother

Aunt Margaret's bragging rights to Flo Jean's in NY
Aunt Margaret was my father's sister, a maiden aunt who was like a second mother to me. She was born in 1916 and she certainly did not have an easy life, but she never complained. To her, it was a good life and she would have been the first to tell you so.

L2R: Donna, Mother, Verna, Aunt Margaret
She was connected to family, and family was everything to her. She lived with us on weekends, maintaining her independence and own residence during the week. And she was a workaholic; next to family she loved working. Busy hands, busy heart. Perhaps it's why she lived into her nineties (I hope I got this right); she was always busy.

Aunt Margaret and Mickey at Longwood Gardens
Aunt Margaret was a little woman with a large heart. She helped raise me, along with my parents and grandparents. Years ago, generations ago, the look and feel of family was different. We lived with open doors, unlocked cars, and a walk-in and stay-for-a-while-approach. It was a better time, a safer time, a gentler world. My aunt's world.

Having a Great Aunt was one of life's many blessings. As the first and only grandchild for 9 years, I grew up surrounded with love, attention, and indulgence. And as I reflect, I know it was the making of me.

The Family Picnic: City Home
Totally engulfed with support, care, and sometimes too many mothers, nevertheless I was so very loved and encouraged to reach for the stars. I was taught to make my own life and to make it wonderful, special, something uniquely signatured. Nurturing makes a difference, and I know I have been very lucky indeed.

I was finished with this post when my brother David's next batch of digitized photos from our past arrived in my inbox. This is his favorite photo ever of our Aunt Margaret. I love it too.

 Miss you, Auntie. Happy Birthday (5-4-1916)
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  1. Flo Jean's near Port Jervis, NY RJ? I went to High School in PJ and we had a Flo Jean's nearby.