Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Remembering LAMAS ON PARADE: GALA Conference 2013

To say that the 2013 conference was wonderful is serious understatement. It was truly fantastic. Unfortunately, I could not attend the conference since I was recently released from UPENN after a successful stem cell transplant. And yes, I made it, an official cancer survivor.

Because I could not attend, Bob Wolfe graciously sent me photos, then Chip Wood sent photos, and finally Bev Vienckowski sent Bob Wolfe's photos with captions that appeared in our November Lama Letter newsletter edited by Bev. I hope you enjoy these videos.

This video showcases photographs taken by Bob Wolfe. He is a consummate photographer as his carefully edited images are a delight to view.

This second video houses images taken by Chip Wood. They heavily feature Teri Conroy and her llama Tank. Teri was the chairperson of the Fiber Room and organized a fabulous experience for those who attended. Finally, and perhaps a favorite reprises some of Bob Wolfe's photographs captioned by Bev Vienckowski for the November issue of The Lama Letter edited by Bev. Featured are the PLAA members who attended the conference. You might enjoy perusing PLAA's website.

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