Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Man Who Saved A Mountain

Not just any mountain. The Lehigh Gap on the Kittatinny Mountain. My mountain. Our mountain. So many things are special about this saving. Let's begin with the man. Dan Kunkle. High school science teacher. He succeeded where others, including government organizations, failed.

Instead of something complicated, Dan believed The Gap could be reseeded by air drop via a helicopter. And that's how it was done. The Gap's deforesting over years occurred because of ecological succession; however, as a "local" I am very tempted to place blame elsewhere. Whatever the causes, the Gap was bare. And Dan Kunkle rescued it.

Today, in spite of a fire last summer, the Gap bounced back. Even in winter, you see signs of it thriving. And in a season specializing in gratitude, we are thankful for Dan Kunkle. Honored, rightly so.

DAN KUNKLE (left) receives the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Mid Atlantic Regional Partnership Committee's 2015 Partner of the Year Award from Anne Griffin. The award recognizes Kunkle's dedication, partnership and stewardship on behalf of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. Griffin made the presentation April 11 at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center on behalf of the 12 trail-maintaining clubs of the Mid Atlantic region. (Barb Wiemann photo)

                                                The Greening of The Mountain
To learn more about this effort, read the following articles from Wildlife Activist by LGNC Executive Director Dan Kunkle, which describe what has been done to restore vegetation to the mountain at the Lehigh Gap.


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