Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keeping Up

At different stages of my life, I did, most definitely, attempt to "keep up with the Jonses," proverbially speaking. Now I am truly content if I can just keep up with the 365 Days Challenge. In the beginning, when I made the commitment to participate, I knew the personal challenge would be surmounting my inability to point, shoot, and deliver a good photo. More recently, like my friend Jennifer Jensen, whose photoblog, Everyday in a Photo I follow, I am content just to catch up and get on board. Today is catch up, and if my math, always fuzzy, is even close to correct, I am minus 3. So, here goes keeping up.

Without a doubt, some additions to farm life really reach beyond time saving and convenient to health and safety issues. The lower part of the Dutch doors never had a latch. Two weeks ago, when snow catchers became an addition to two barn roofs, I had the installer add this lower latch. Without a doubt, it is easier to close the bottom half when I feed, putting my slower eater in a stall by herself. But the real benefit is that orange twine no longer needs to secure the upper and lower handles together. In the past, when winds accelerated to 40+ mph, one of my girls got trapped in the stall. At that time, I did not have electricity run to the stall, so she was without water during the day. Now, both electrical and barn door issues are resolved, and health and well-being restored.

Turbo Tagger

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