Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Fellowship of Friends

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Nothing surpasses the fellowship of friends, and nothing makes this axiom more apparent than their absence--and re-appearance in your life. Add Southern hospitality (theirs), a touch of North Carolina twang (also theirs), the girls (ours), a reunion too long in arriving, and you have a perfect Sunday at the farm. The Brinsons have been a part of our family since we met their daughter and my dear friend and colleague, Jennifer. Always we have felt a connection, of being a part of their lives, intertwined through the web of friendship that has endured for over a decade. Always their journeys north to visit their children and grandson make Mr. and Mrs. Brinson perennial favorites in our hearts and hearth.

This visit moved us to the barn to meet the girls. On a very cold day, we had time only for first acquaintances, with the promise of return sojourns in warmer weather. Still, the delight of a Sunday dinner in a one-lane village that time truly forgot created memorable moments, food for thought, and the promise of more fun in the future. Knowing Jen's parents gives you a window into what makes her so wonderful; she has the best of both parents (not that I have ever seen anything but), and resembles them in more than appearances. A genuine kindness, a reaching out in sincere caring for friends, something more than being Southern makes them simply the best.

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