Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Food for Thought

Remember when something someone said or did really made your day? Nothing, for a short stretch of time, got in the way of the sheer pleasure of enjoying that zone. Unlike people, whose pleasure of the moment, of reveling in simple things has become a lost art, llamas, on the other hand, exude a zest for the simple art of living. Nothing gives them more pleasure than eating, although a great weather day (nothing over 40 degrees) with a touch of sun does delight. But food, definitely feeding time at the barn, is the twice-daily event.

Usually, they enter one stall and wait patiently. Sometimes, like in the first photo, one of the girls just can't wait for me to get the meal to them. Hay alone would delight, but the real feeding frenzy begins when they hear the lid of the grain bin open. They love sweet feed, laced with some molasses bits and on cold days, supplemented with crimped and steamed oats. The scene looks placid, and the girls do know which stall provides dinner, but getting to it is something else indeed, fit subject for a video one day.

Turbo Tagger

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