Thursday, February 19, 2009

You Know You Are A Llama Owner When You...

  1. wake well before dawn to take care of your pets before you go to your real job;
  2. carry water up and down hills because you do not (yet) have a pipeline to the barn;
  3. know your car smells better that your dinner because you're hauling 200 pounds of sweet feed (and the molasses balls are so yummy);
  4. spend at least three hours a day taking care of and socializing your pets;
  5. get really excited about the arrival of your kiwi latches, and even more delighted when they are properly installed;
  6. receive daily hugs and kisses and unconditional love (now if people could master this line item...)
  7. enjoy cleaning litter boxes and take pride in a barn that does not smell like animals live there (llamas are amazingly clean animals and they do not smell);
  8. revel in new light installations, and have the barn connected to the generator, should power fail;
  9. have spent at least three years of learning through four seasons and one breeding (not there yet, but on my way);
  10. have a cleaner barn than house;
  11. do not miss riding horses anymore;
  12. 12. wake every morning with a song in your heart and end each day with a prayer of thankgiving for having loving llamas in your life.

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