Sunday, February 22, 2009

Straightening the Learning Curve

Friday the 13th was a lucky day indeed; the girls were reunited with their first Mother, Carol Reigh, who bred and raised my girls. If ever a logo truly symbolized a business, Carol's logo does, and you can see its representation in this photo and the Animoto video in this post. Carol came to the farm to teach me how to use the chute I purchased from her to use to groom the girls and trim their toenails. Learning llamas is a learning curve in itself: how to halter, lift their feet to support their weight, where to place your foot in the chute to provide that much-needed support, how to massage their feet, how to enter and exit a chute, how to turn a llama to the left, right, or to move one back in a straight line. Nothing makes a learning curve straighten better or faster than learning from the best, and that's what I have in my breeder, who continues to mentor me and our girls as we become a new family.

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