Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mirror Images in Reverse

They were born about a week apart and grew up together, so it just made sense to keep them together. When I visited Buck Hollow Llamas, Inc., Carol adeptly directed me to selections that would build a solid herd. Rev was always in the running, but not always my first choice. Now, that seems unthinkable. She is our Hershey Kiss, a delightful companion, a talker, and never far from Tess. Companionable and companions in all things fun, they are mirror images in reverse. But given that at the moment two llamas occupy two acres, the girls seem to love the chute, the entryway to the two pastures, which happen to be in great hay. Why then do they need to nibble on short grass when orchard grass abounds. Purely rhetorical. They have dug a dirt spot that they love to roll around in, even kush down in it. Go figure.

This young lady, growing and reaching the 6 foot mark, is the ringleader. Every herd has one, and right now, she's alpha and knows it. It will be interesting to watch the power plays when Cierra returns. She has always been the queen.

One of my concerns coming into summer was the amount of time I could spend with my girls. Then I was diagnosed with pneumonia, and my recovery has been slow but steady. At the time of the diagnosis and during a four-day stay at the hospital, I was reading In This Mountain by Jan Karon. The takeaway gem--and there are many--was a four-sentence sermon: "In everything celebrate goodness." I must admit it was a stretch to find the goodness to celebrate, at least initially, but I am celebrating. I am celebrating giving in and giving up on things. Giving in to relaxation, quality time with my husband and family, and unwinding with the girls. Try moving a chair into the stall and then wait. The girls come exploring, you, the curlers in your hair, the chair, the air that moves...but they're there. And with patience, they will kush down and put their heads in your lap, and you get to breathe in that great llama breath (not joking here--they do smell wonderful). Giving up on lists, stress, and control (being the boss is not what it's cracked up to being, trust me on that one). I am taking life in stride, enjoying the simple things, and deferring the onerous (I will get that CFF course done because I understand the stakes, but not this week). In many ways, when I reflect on my best summers, I suspect this one will top the list.

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