Friday, July 24, 2009

Mea Culpa Maxima

I found this really great blog, and nothing could have pleased me more. Kevin and Vicki Woodward were just what I was searching for in a blog--a kindred spirit venturing into the world of llama owning and breeding. Woodward's posts impressed me, touching my heart so much that I actually blogged about one. Here's where the mea culpa maxima enters. I mentioned parenthetically about capitalizing nouns--will I ever learn just to love things as they are and not change them. In true English gentleman fashion, Woodward made a generous comment to my post, apologinzing for no capitals. I felt awful. His post had passion, experience, and an honest voice so often absent from posts about the animal world. So, Kevin, please accept my apology.

I need to tender one even more, after taking a good long look at my own llama blog. Errors abounded. Many were typos, but over half of my posts were randomly missing images. I know how that happened; it was when I created a second Flickr account, compromising the first with a dual login. Today I re-edited my own mistakes, proving that you should always check the glass house in which you live before throwing parentheticals. The goodness I celebrated: a lesson learned--and better editing in the future. Mea culpa, llamakevin.

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