Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Quiet Summer Day

As any blogger knows, it is truly great to have a reader now and then. Even better when one comments. Lucky for me I have my brother, David, who both reads and comments. Interestingly, he often comments off-blog, so it is he whom I have to thank for reminding me of exactly how many days it has been since my last post, thus prodding me to action. (He also reminded me I spelled Porky Pig's name incorrectly in an earlier post--and honestly, David, I do appreciate the correction, and I am still waiting for that photo of you).

Back to the business of this post. In a modern mashup of a Sherwood Anderson short story, I had a "stolen day." Actually, if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or any of my social networking sites, then you already know that this summer has been a challenge at many levels. Unlike the student in the story, I have been seriously ill this summer, but like him, I had a GREAT day. In a way, I have had many stolen days, ones away from the game plan you form for a summer vacation. This past Thursday, however, was a great stolen day. It marked a turning point toward wellness and some quality time with a dear friend and "the girls."

Carol came to make sure I was staying put, not doing anything I should not do (I have been so good--who would want a relapse) and to spend a quiet afternoon. A simple lunch, a short visit to the girls, and needle felting. When it comes to artistic talent, I fail abysmally. God made interior decorators to handle getting "the look," so when Carol said we would needle felt and make ladybugs, I went into low-grade panic. When I tell you that if I can do this, then anyone can, you know it was not too hard. Time consuming, but with great catch-up conversation, it was so much fun. Among friends and llama owners, there is never down time. We swapped recipes, Carol gathered apples for sauted apples (a chunky applesauce and very good), and we did "girl talk." The day was like chicken soup for the soul, and I would have to say that this was one of the best days of a quiet summer.

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