Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Rains Came

If the monsoons that have swept Pennsylvania remind you of that classic Tyronne Power and Myrna Loy film of the same title, then likely you are my age or thereabouts, or are a TCM-type fan of classic movies. You know the ones, often made under the studio system--while horrible for actors--certainly produced with consistency great films (think 1939's output, for example, and Bette Davis' 4 landmark movies). I could go on and on about classic films, but I won't. That's another post on another blog. Suffice it to say that I spent so much time with my grandparents that my artistic imprint goes back a generation or two behind where mine should be (I am indebted to their influence in things beyond film...).

All of this setup brings me to the heart of this post: rains are a nearly permanent fixture in this part of the country. The Farm is not in danger of flooding yet, although the two holding ponds that funnel into the main pond are working overtime. The run-off from our Number 2 farm feeds downhill into our Number 1 farm (Mickey's classifications, and they have stuck)

As I approached the reality of walking the dog and getting to the girls (this weather is not great for an asthmatic with pneumonia two weeks out of surgery), I asked for a window to open in the deluge. Eerily, it did. I needed 20 minutes for a fast turn-around for the dog, llamas, cleaning the paddock, getting the leavings to the designated spot--a ride in the golf cart to Number 2--washing tools, and getting back to the barn. Tight turnabout but I made it; just as I was pulling into the barn, the rains came. I was hoping for a bit longer window, but it was like someone Up There was saying, You asked for a window, not a door.

Worse things can happen than being stuck in the barn during a rainstorm. I made a decision to give the girls hay--2 flakes each--(I know better, Carol, but you know I tend to over-feed) because it rained all night, and it has been raining almost all day with no let up in sight.

Does Rev look happy--absolutely. Llamas work on some kind of interior mantra: waste not, want not. Humanity could learn a thing or two from llamas (now that should be my next post, hmmm...).

No difference with Tess, either. Happy creatures all.

Summer has been unseasonably cold (I'm OK with that--good for the girls) and wet (not good for agriculture). Winter's predictions call for unseasonable cold and snow. If it snows as hard as it has rained, even we will have problems with containing the snow until Spring's meltdown. We are beyond saturation point as I type, and squishy sounds abound as we walk to the cars to leave for brunch.

If you want to watch some really good movies, check out TCM's Summer Under the Stars 2009 for classic movies with real stars (who knew how to act). Each day in August is devoted to a star, showcasing the actor's body of work. Great viewing for any day, but especially a rainy one.

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