Monday, November 30, 2009

A Country Thanksgiving

Ever wonder if place contributes to the joy of a holiday? While I have always believed that it is truly the people that make a holiday wonderful, over the years the location has become important to me. Perhaps that is why we do so many holidays, only this year I made an important decision: I would do Thanksgiving for the families but not Christmas. That resolve did not last long, however, since if I want to see my children, I will be yet again hosting the holiday. But I am considering taking it to a lovely restaurant for the dining segment only. Years ago I did that, and it was nice but not the same. So, place matters, and for me, nothing is more beautiful than a country holiday.

A restaurant, however charming, cannot replicate the feeling of being home. Still, at least for now, after a busy "vacation" that did not seem restful, I may make the move for dining out and desert and Christmas at home. What would the holiday be without life on the farm, "the girls" and just being out and about in the country landscape, especially for city grandchildren. We'll see, and only time and health will tell the final outcome. I'll let you know. For now, I am thankful that I could handle yet another year, although I suspect it is coming time to pass the mantle.

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