Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

If you love animals, then you understand the magic of sharing your life with them. On this very special day, I am thankful for more things than I can list, so I'll just focus on two: life and love. On July 5, five lab coats entered a small medical triage room and told me I should put my life in order. I was alone when the coats gave me the test results and admitted me to the hospital. Long story short: the diagnosis was wrong, but it was not until September that I knew for certain. In those intervening months, I saw life differently, grateful that I have always lived it on my own terms, blessed with love.

"The Girls" -- our llamas -- are back from the breeder, and two of the four are pregnant, Ciarra and Rev. For the first time in months, the barn has a full house, and as first light dawned this morning, shrouded in a thicket of fog, I knew in a Lawrencian way that we had come home. A very special and blessed HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our families and friends whom we hold so dear.

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