Sunday, November 8, 2009

Somthing About Sunday Mornings

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Something about Sunday mornings recharges me. Perhaps it's finding frost on my llamas when I meet and greet them with molasses and grain treats (alas, no photos because the first frost dissipated before I could get down to the house, find, the camera, charge the battery, and trudge back up the hill). Likely it's having some stolen time to myself before we trek off for a 200+ mile ride to a place time forgot. Or maybe because I get to blog with a cat on my lap and a dog at my side while my husband sleeps in. Revisiting Ferris Buhler's Day Off as background to whatever I'm doing in that moment; what is it about some inane movies that we love...maybe the tag line: "While the rest of us were just thinking about it...Ferris borrowed a Ferrari and did it...all in a day. The kid in me still...

A Skype videoconference that wasn't (MAC dead and forgot the power cord; PC too old to have built-in microphone) ruptures the Sunday calm. Guess "my time" works only if I change my settings for my PLNs. In between skyping and Ferris, the cat left but the dog stayed. Train of thought changed. Technology is not always my friend.

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