Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Blessings

My philosophy is very simple: if my extended family is well, God must be in His heaven and all's right with the world. So it was this holiday, one of many blessings, figurative and literal. Even with weather issues, the girls were happy, as always, just to have their (overly) generous portions of grains and hay. Llamas are simple creatures, joyful just to be fed. Anything else is a bonus. We could learn much from them. As the days progressed, I could see some herd changes, who leads and follows, and where. For food, Rev is always first, but to go to the pastures, Tess is the new leader, with Et Cetera right behind. These two, both not with cria, seem bonded in adventures, while Cierra and Rev, pregnant, are more settled, less likely to risk anything that Cierra does not deem safe. Allie Cat is fine, fat, and happy in her very large domain, with a balcony in the barn and a cozy hayloft. Indoors, cats and 125 pounder watch dog all do well.

Literally, this holiday has been a blessing in so many ways. Finally I got a clear diagnosis and treatment that seems to be working, so I am grateful for the blessings of health, appreciative after 6 months of feeling like my life was waiting in the wings. My family's health is good, but with my brother and mother facing surgery early in the new year; luckily, my husband is the rock he always is. And we were entertained so magnificently this year, beginning with Christmas Eve with our Villa friends and Father Homer, who said a private midnight mass for the 8 of us. Blessings abounded. Then, Christmas morning with mother and brother, hours of loving fellowship. On Christmas night, dinner with Mickey's children, a feast.

Were I to characterize this holiday in a word, I would choose thoughtful. At every turn, in every way, tremendous thoughtfulness made Christmas so special. Blessings abounded, and in the spirit of gratitude, I am thankful for God's abundant blessings.

Tomorrow, my son's family joins us, and while it is a challenge to keep things simple, I have, thus far, succeeded. It's all good.

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