Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Blessings

Gail Zapf is a friend who always remembers to celebrate the camaraderie between us, even when I forget. She always marks holidays and events with Jacquie Lawson eCards, and they are beautiful beyond belief. The sentiment, the images, the music all coalesce into Gail's special greeting. We share many things in common, including listing our animals as family because they are. Each time I receive one of these beautiful cards, I always intend to purchase a Lawson subscription, yet I never do. Until today, so now I can send wonderful greetings back.

From our farm to your home (the Lawson images in this greeting remind me of Jan Karon's novels), I wish to all my friends the blessings of Easter and the peace, warmth of the day, and a great holiday weekend.

Special greetings from Miss Ciera, Rev, Tess Allenby, Et Cetera, Julie, Maggie, Nina, Alley Cat, Mickey and me.

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