Friday, April 2, 2010

A Fresh Spring Look

My brother, David, reminds me gently when I do not post regularly to this blog (he needs to remember I have 5 blogs, including a new Web 2.0 Ning blog on Student 2.0), so this one, the least currently professional one of the group, is often neglected. Perhaps I should qualify professional as connected to a vocation; my passion for animals and blogging about my llamas is more an avocation at the moment. But what what I am excited about is the new Blogger in Draft Designer Templates, a range of 15 new selections, with an array of background selections to change color schemes to suit your style.

I have always loved Blogger, and when I can control my platform (cannot at school and the PA Blog), I always reach for the simplicity of Blogger. What I have NEVER liked about the platform, however, is the lack of choice, and even with 15 new selections, it's really more like 5 with variations on color schemes and backgrounds. Still, I remain here, because of my commitment to working smart, and Blogger always gives me exactly that.

So, David, if you are reading this post (I know eventually you will), please (re-)send me the photo of you and Donna so I can write a post just about you (and that was the best picture ever of you, I think).

PS: I also selected a new template for my Changing Connections blog.
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