Sunday, June 6, 2010

Buck Hollow Open Barn 2010: Part 1

To say that Carol and Doug Reigh's Open Barn was successful, fun, and all that they advertise inside the clever tree would be a significant understatement. This year marked my third year attending. First year we bought Tess Allenby, and 3 weeks later, Rev. My Christmas present was Miss Cierra, the loaner llama Carol had the foresight to send along as a great aunt to teach the girls how to be good llamas. She is about to deliver her 7th cria as I type (well, soon, anyway). Our goal was to buy fiber and a rug, and we did, but we acquired more than we had bargained ~ a great set of friends in Carol and Doug, and we entered the world of llamas and never looked back (to showing hunters over fences).

Our second year, we volunteered to work Sunday, with Mickey doing the meet-and-greet and my wandering out and about. That year we bought Et Cetera; she is my true favorite thus far and rounded out our herd to a fabulous four. (Do I ever find a photo with all four in one frame...) This year, we acquired Maria (as in the song, "They Call the Wind Maria") in early spring, and then settled on Stimulus Package at the Open Barn. I was set to buy Beaudacious, a real stunner, but fell in love with SPs personality, so she was the winner, bringing a new bloodline to my herd.

For this year's Open Barn, Mickey reprised his role as meet-and-greeter, and I was the pesky shutterbug, netting nearly 200 images and some video footage. Open Barn images will be found on my Flickr account, and eventually I will be rendering the video footage, uploading and sharing it out to you with the images in another blog post.

For many reasons, I decided to grow my herd quickly, so these last two girls will cap my spending spree for a while. Or so I think...
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