Sunday, June 6, 2010

Buck Hollow Open Barn 2010 Part 2

If I had to settle on just one thing that made Carol and Doug Reigh's Open Barns at Buck Hollow Llamas so perfect each year, I would be hard pressed to select only one aspect of the two-day event. Perhaps the camaraderie of the wonderful vendors, great friends and member of Carol's GALA 2010 team. Or the collective knowledge in the arts, crafts, and llama breeding, rearing, and running a farm is staggering--and a wonderful learning opportunity. Or spending time with Carol and Doug, however busy they may be. Or just hanging out, being part of the scene, from behind a lens. From felting to spinning, weaving, shearing, and carding to walking llamas or just sitting in the pastoral setting, enjoying a picnic at a beautiful farm, it's all good.

I love being out and about, mixing and mingling with the visitors, vendors, llamas, and the people who are slowly but surely becoming family. Lunch for the volunteers and vendors is always wonderful; Carol makes her beef barbecue and we all bring something else. When all the goodies are put together, it's surely a feast. Saturday evening, we were guests of the Reighs at Shady Maple, an experience in smorgasbord dining. Despite the lines--beyond long--Carol walked us right in, finding our party a special room. Always we have such a fine time, spending a day with friends, family, and llamas. Forgive me for sounding nostalgic, but it's almost like being a child again at Christmas; the wonderful memories last a year. And before you know it, that time of year returns again, building new memories of perfect days with people and pets we love.

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