Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Long, Hot Summer

Post titles (my original was A Long Hot Summer ~ properly punctuated) often remind me of movies, but beyond using this title, the rest of the post has only weather in common with the only version to watch with Paul Neuman, Joanne Woodward, and Anthony Franciosa, and Orson Wells (trust me, forget the remake with Don Johnson because Jason Robards is its only saving grace). I am showing my age (or music preferenes) for lacking a connection to Masta Ace's 1885 hip hop album by that title without Google. Still, I cannot resist the movie trailer, because Newman's Ben Quick is one of his finer performances and Woodward was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress.

While I am in a semi-controlled ramble, where weather is concerned, I am a follower of one of my students from this past year whose goal is to be a meteorologist. His blog is a treasure trove and I follow him in my Google Reader. But I must admit that I miss being able to check in with him on a daily basis about the weather, because he is even better than the Android WeatherBug, which is one of my favorite apps to date.

A long intro to get to the point; today and much of this week is going to have killer weather, literally, for my llamas. Knowing that two of them are pregnant, and one of them overdue 8 days, I worry the weather is disturbingly too hot. Today I plan to stay on board; I may need to hose their legs and underbellies if they seem heat stressed. And tomorrow you can be sure Mickey is bringing home the big fan he has as a back up in the shop, where AC makes living and working in a controlled environment wonderful. Likely I'll run that fan outside the stalls to move the barn hot air out through maybe a window or the ceiling vent.

I'm learning that 3/4 seasons have their pitfalls in the cameloid business, or hobby in my case. Winter brings frightening ice and snow, yet the critters want out and about in the pastures with hills to navigate. Spring invites mush and slip-and-slide. The best season, overall, would have to be autumn, and you can tell the girls love it because they stay outside almost 24/7. After a long, hot summer, I am wishing for a long autumn season, a short winter, and a reasonable spring. Time always tells.

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