Monday, July 12, 2010

The Good Earth

Two bosses, two businesses, one objective. Move a lot of earth. Carve out some of the mountain, move it across the street, pond side, create a new road to the upper 40. Level the playing field. Build the berm higher. Top the topsoil. Add stones. Mix all of the above, and you have the recipe for a perfect landscape. The good earth.

Always a pleasure to watch genius working with the skill and experience of years and tons of earth moving. Just peeking at the work in progress scares me silly, the angles on which these big machines sit and work--with people inside them. When I saw the big boom sliding down the berm, I knew it was time to leave.

Until the temperature rose into the high 80s, the girls looked on with classic llama curiosity. Bless them. Nothing deters Rev, the brown llama that resembles a very giant poodle (a nightmare to clip, hormonal, pregnant, say no more...) lets nothing stand in the way of eating. The earth could quake, but if a food source remained intact, she would chomp. Tess, however, is another story. Always in the thick of things, always curious, always inside the moment.

What always begins as a single day's work merges into 2 or 3 as one thing leads to another, quite literally. First day's work was the hardest, moving part of the mountain, but it will take till the end of the week to see the finished results.

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